InspireX's cloud tech accelerates AdTech company's route to market

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Cloud-based technology is the best way to transform your business, but it can also be challenging to get started. That's why InspireX has developed a platform that provides cloud solutions for businesses that have great a core technology offering but need flexible cloud services and applications that help get the product into paying customers' hand's faster. 

Wrapster, an AdTech company for the marketing industry was able to leverage this capability when they were developing their next generation of software delivered as a SaaS service.

The Challenge

Wrapster wanted to be able to bring its AdTech software to market for the first time without incurring massive costs to develop a cloud capability. The company had been working on the product for 18 months and, with a significant user base, wanted to be better prepared than it had been in previous iterations of the product. But it didn't want to spend months building a new infrastructure from scratch or using cloud services that weren’t designed for their needs.

InspireX’s white label cloud technology 

InspireX engineers build cloud technology that can be used by multiple SaaS applications. This is a common practice in the industry, but it's not as easy as it sounds. With multi-tenant architectures, user access and permissions are critical to ensuring a secure experience for your users. 

In addition, InspireX needed to ensure that Wrapster could get up and running quickly with their new solution by having an easy royalty agreement that covers all of their needs regardless of how dynamic their business needs are over time.

Wrapster was able to bring its AdTech software to market for the first time without incurring massive costs

This reduced time to maket was made possible by InspireX’s proven cloud technology providing access to a world-class infrastructure, with support from our team of experts and shared services such as DevOps, security and analytics.

This rapid deployment also reduced the cost of development, testing and deployment as well as hosting and maintenance. The company was able to focus on building their service while reducing costs associated with security, licensing and multi-level user management and authentication.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look at how our cloud technology can help accelerate your SaaS delivery. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our solutions, please contact us today.

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