Flexible resourcing model allows edTech product to launch in record time

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Connecti, an edTech platform for students and teachers, were launching their latest product in a matter of months. The company set out to create an innovative way for students to access remote learning where they weren't disadvantaged by not being in the classrooms. It looked at how the market was changing and decided that it needed to be able to respond quickly and flexibly if it wanted to remain relevant. In order to scale up as quickly as possible, edTech decided on a flexible resourcing model with InspireX to develop a turnkey solution that met their product brief.

The Client

The client was a well-established edTech company with a reputation of innovation. They had a clear vision of what they wanted to build and how they want to do it, and they needed to deliver the finished product as soon as possible. The client had great project management capabilities and marketing expertise but lacked the necessary resources to deliver turnkey products on its own.

The Challenge

  • Connecti needed to launch in record time.
  • The client wanted to create a reliable and robust product that would be used by thousands of classrooms and lecture theatres.
  • The client wanted to create a product that was easy to use and intuitive.
  • The client needed to serve several stakeholders including highly technical users that required remote monitoring and reporting.

The Solution

In order to meet the deadline and create a high quality MVP InspireX developed a detailed plan for the product using professional UI/UX design to conduct customer journey mapping to high fidelity pixel perfect front end design. Once signed off, InspireX provided a range of resources needed to develop a comprehensive solution including solution architecture, cloud engineers, front and and back end software developers.

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